"I take pleasure in disrupting market trends with compelling visual narration."

Photographed by Tarrice Love

As a prolific storyteller, Jubei's remains passionate about the purity of the craft, no matter what medium. His experience began as a high fashion model. Featured in popular magazines like GQ, Maxim, Cosmopolitan and DNR with the backing of world renowned FORD Models, Jubei absorbed industry techniques and style with the inspiration to create necessary content. His unique perception and "cinematic imagery" also are due, in no small part, to his extensive filmmaking background acquired through the prestigious New York Film Academy. Jubei is also a published author. His very first book, Where The Butterflies Dwell, was featured on Blurb Summer Reads, and BronxNet's television show. He continues to expand his prominent writing towards future publications.

Jubei's work has been published in popular magazines, websites and blogs such as The Examiner, CrackBerry, Wedding Style, Out, and Guest-of-a-Guest. He has been featured on The New York Post, Sexiest Black and Latino Men, and BerryFlow and has worked with industry leading companies such as the IMG group, Bray Entertainment and John Varvatos.

He manifests an extraordinary element of both beauty and timelessness in his creations.
— Hada Vanessa