Unique meets versatility

Photographed by Tarrice Love

Photographed by Tarrice Love

Jubei Raziel remains somewhat an anomaly, an avant-garde of expression and philosophy. His accomplishments as an exceptional photographer, filmmaker and writer are particularly rare considering the absence of traditional education over an arduous upbringing.

Jubei grew up next door to Lin-Manuel Miranda, modeled for world renowned FORD Models, shared a film scene with Benedict Cumberbatch, conversed with Steven Spielberg about gaming and even served Donald J. Trump coffee once—while enduring the challenges of being an introvert with Asperger's through stretches of homelessness and hunger.

What makes Jubei Raziel a compelling narrator goes well beyond his passion and purity of an artisan. He's raw, provocative and fearless, yet compassionate, romantic and often quiet. He seeks naked veracity careless of prestige. This integral ambition bleeds into every medium he produces, defying the superficiality of trends and pop culture.

He manifests an extraordinary element of both beauty and timelessness in his creations.
— Hada Vanessa