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The Confidence of Jasmine Sanders

It was an uneventful summer afternoon in New York when a young quiet girl and her mother cautiously walked into the office. Their wide eyes and unsure demeanor proved them guilty of being from out of town. They were soon greeted by James Loughlin, John Babin(@jwbabin327) and the late David Bosman from Boss models New York. The young girl’s name was Jasmine Sanders(@golden_barbie). I was there to witness when she first came to the agency because, unlike the majority of the models represented, I was a native New Yorker with a lot of time on my hands who didn’t live far…so I was there…a lot.

Since the day Jasmine walked in, David Bosman always held the South Carolina girl as a prized possession. He envisioned her career in a way that separated her from the rest of the female models in the agency. And though David wouldn’t admit to it, he was protective of her. Some of that protection came from Jasmine’s unique millennial look for sure — Mr. Bosman was fully aware of her potential bankability — but I’d like to believe the majority of Jasmine’s value was influenced by her mother. She remained a staple throughout Jasmine’s early career, considering all the travel necessities Jasmine’s modeling jobs and castings demanded, not to mention handling and managing related business and finances for Jasmine. How she was able to juggle these things while maintaining the family home and personal responsibilities never failed to impress me.

I remember thinking when I met Jasmine and her mom how cool it was for them to share the experience of coming to New York City for the first time. It was evident their relationship had the love and support other families only dream of. I guess this is why I enjoyed the conversations with Jasmine’s mom, they were pure and polite yet filled with determination. I always envied her character because, unfortunately, I never had much support from my parents in my career, so I found the relationship between Jasmine and her mother beautiful in its simplicity.

Today, Jasmine Sanders exerts confidence in every facet of her profession, but this isn’t built from her popularity on social media or her resume as a model, on the contrary, the “golden barbie’s” foundation was well established before she became known, before she even came to New York.

Confidence can be a fickle thing for some people. There are thin lines between narcissism, arrogance, ego, conceitedness and confidence. Without the fundamental values instilled by her mother, without the living example of integrity and moral character, Jasmine may not have been able to sustain her modeling career in a healthy fashion. And this where I’d like to acknowledge something critical: The role parents play in lives of their children’s careers should never be understated.

We tend to think our parents only have value when it comes to personal matters; we may even compartmentalize our parents when we grow up. We convince ourselves they wouldn’t understand or we anticipate their judgment for the choices we’ve made. But in doing so, we could be suppressing a wealth of interaction. I understand this isn’t applicable universally, but is it possible that profound perceptions and untold wisdom lies dormant behind a door of parental disconnection? Jasmine’s mom was a catalyst for her daughter’s core values. Her character served as a blueprint for both Jasmine’s personal life and professional one, ultimately leading to her daughter’s success.

If our parents represent our initial aspiration of moral character, we recognize a two sided coin for growth: A blueprint of the legacy our parents pass down and the opportunities we have to evolve that legacy. I’m not talking about expectation, I’m talking about empowering our families and sacrificing for them; this is about allowing love to influence the way we respond. But we need to recognize how powerful and lasting implementing these ideals are. Only then will we understand we are stimulating the right balance for healthy living and success for everyone.

It’ll be exciting to see how Jasmine’s career unfolds, either way, I’m confident she’ll be met with success in whatever she does…especially with her mother always by her side.

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