Rāta jindā hai

The owls eyes are mesmerizing, under the full moon.
They cast a spell over her and I, causing the starry night sky to slowly spin.
We watch the sky, until the stars become dizzying white lines.
They begin streaking down like rain, all around us.
Hitting the ground, they explode with exciting wonder, lighting up the dark forest.
I sense her move closer to me, but when she does, the forest becomes suddenly still and quiet.
When I look at her, I see she’s looking down.
There illuminating fireflies ascending from the ground everywhere.
As they rise and dance in the night air, I see the soft glow of their little bodies illuminate her beautiful face.
I gently take my hand and slowly lift her chin towards my face and stare into her dark eyes.
Within them is an abyss of secrets.
We stand encased in a shroud of mystery and magic.
Her allure draws my lips close to hers.
I see them sparkle amidst the fireflies.
I close my eyes and press my lips against hers, as she does passionately against mine.
I feel her tongue effortlessly make its way inside my mouth and massage my tongue.
The owl hoots.
The sky stops spinning, the stars become ordinary, the fireflies return to the ground, and all goes silent in the forest.
I open my eyes and see her stepping away from me, into the darkness.
The last of our fingers touch before she disappears.
”Goodnight.” I whisper.
She doesn’t respond.
All I hear now is the echo of the owl’s wings, as it flies away from under the pale moonlight.
I am alone again.

Jubei RazielComment