The Happy Lady

I once knew a woman who fell asleep whenever she got angry.
This was a phenomenon that even she did not understand.
Doctors were amazed and puzzled just as well.
But yet time and time again whenever she got upset, her eyes would close and her head would slump as she quickly dozed off to sleep.
Everyday this lady would do her best to remain happy despite whatever happened just so she wouldn't pass out in the middle of it.
The problem was that at the end of the day she couldn't get angry in order to sleep at night.
And now the poor lady suffered from insomnia.

The lady continued to struggle until one day she met a pessimistic man on the street.
This pessimistic man was intrigued by how happy the lady was and the lady got upset at how negative the man was.
So she began to fall asleep. The man quickly caught her from falling over and was confused about what just happened.

The pessimistic man had no choice but to watch over her until she woke up in which, initially, wasn't happy about.
But as he stayed with her the man smiled some because the lady smelled really nice and he thought she was beautiful. And even though she was asleep, he enjoyed the feeling of not being alone.

Eventually the lady woke up and the man looked on astonished as she explained to him her condition. Soon after the two parted ways.

The lady went back to being happy and the pessimistic man went back to being negative.
A few days later the two of them ran into each other on the street and the same thing happened all over again!
This time when the lady woke up she was gratefully well rested and the pessimistic man was pleased not to be so negative.

So the two of them came up with an idea. To see each other every evening. That way, the lady could sleep and the man could be happy.

And so it was that the two of them did this for each other and loved one another for it.

Jubei RazielComment