The Last Leaf

Here I am... hanging on while everyone else has let go.
To what pleasure have I become to the multitude of eyes?
I'm barely visible these days.
I used to be often noticed and adored for a brief time but no longer.
Ah, the long days of sunshine and warmth I recall ever so clearly...
I've changed over time. I've grown and weathered the storms of life.
But now my time is coming to an end and I will pass on.
Do not be saddened. It is the cycle of life.
When I was first born, I remember the excitement in your eyes. You anticipated so many great moments to be had for the coming days.
I had a big family and we enjoyed many things together. We danced in the wind, played in the rain and laid out in the sun.
But it's colder and the sun is less these days and they're so few of us left.
The season is changing and so must we.
Everyone falls... and eventually I will too. I hope I am missed...
Are you and I so different?
A final goodbye my friend... I will tell you the one thing I've learned most in my time.
Life is more than who you are... Love everyone and yourself. Enjoy everything and be thankful for every moment.
And hang on to that even if everyone else has let go...

Jubei RazielComment