The Time I Slept With A Scorpion

I look back down and double check the address I wrote on a small piece of torn paper. 

This is the place. 

Doesn't look like much on the outside but I know looks can be deceiving.

As I head into the residential building, I see a tenant on their way out and I rush to the lobby door just in time before it closes shuts. 

I look back at the person who let the door close behind them and remind myself that it's not exactly the kind of neighborhood where someone would hold the door open for another person trying to enter the building.

No matter... I'm inside.

Just my luck, the elevator is under repair and not working. 


It's only 11 stories up to where I have to go.


...Ten minutes later I finally reach the eleventh floor. I'm a bit winded and showing signs of perspiration but I made it.

I collect myself, breathe out and approach the apartment door to knock and when I do, the force of it opens the door a little. 

My arrival is expected...

I cautiously walk in... it's dark in here but Egyptian scented candles dimly light up the space enough for me to see the apartment. 

I lock the door behind me.

The sounds of dark tribal metamorphosis music fades into the atmosphere setting a transpiring mood into another place and time.

I can sense eyes watching me but I am not unnerved... 

A shroud of mystery and magic looms everywhere and I let it become of me.

I know why I'm here.

And I may or may not make it out alive but it's a risk I will gladly take.

My eyes adjust to the darkness and I can see better.

So I slowly walk across the room and see a hallway leading down to an open door to my left. 

I head down the corridor carefully.

When I get there, I peer inside and see a large bed with more lit candles, oils and burning incense.

I stand there briefly when suddenly a shadow appears behind me. 

But by the time I even get to turn, I'm quickly pushed against the hallway wall. 

I brace myself and face her...

It's dark but the sight of her is breathtaking...

She's silent and swift when she moves. 

Terrifying for some... exciting for others.

I look into her eyes with evil lust.

She knows I want her poison...

But she won't give it to me just yet... she has to have her way with me first.

And I will let her.

Her hypnotic eyes keep me in a trance as she rips off my clothes almost seamlessly.

She looks at my naked body with satisfaction and desire.

But I push her off to the side and walk towards the bed in the room. 

I'm not sure if it's wise to give my back to her but I'm not afraid.

I stand next to the bed, glance over to her and wait for her to join me. 

She then walks in seductively while staring into my eyes and our minds get lost in the unspeakable sexual desires that have yet to be fulfilled.

For we will explore the far reaches of wild obsessions and burn together in it's inferno...

We will say ungodly things to each other as we do so.

Her and I stand there besides the bed... there's an intense silent moment between us...
And then it fiercely begins...
The wicked things we do to one another cannot be described.
I will keep these things secret from the world.
But we bath together in sin and it lasts forever... even eternity is jealous of us.

The hard breathing, the dripping sweat, the non-stop friction... we know it's not enough... we want more.
We desecrate the room as we mock morality.
But the crawling build up inside us is inescapable...
We feel our primal aggression heighten as powerful emotions possesses us. 
She digs her nails into my back and I start to bleed in pleasure.
The tightness and the tension takes over and our bodies begin convulsing in climax together...
We stop breathing momentarily... our eyes widen.
The noises she makes as she feels me exploding repeatedly inside her are heard everywhere and she savors every detail of me violently twitching within her. We stare deeply into each others eyes the whole time as I ejaculate every last drop of me into her... including my soul.
I feel my life force depleting rapidly as she sucks it all from me.
My eyes dilate and my muscles strains as my body spasms from having nothing left and I collapse on top of her.
The intoxicating smell of sweat, sex and bodily fluids fill the air... I can breathe again.
And the last fading thought I have, while my corpse lays there, is whether I will live to see tomorrow.

Jubei RazielComment